From The Big House To The White House

Sue Ellen Allen is an compelling speaker and author combining  leadership and prison. What could those two subjects have in common?

Everyone falls down. It's what you do after the fall that counts. Sue Ellen knows only two choices: Get Back Up or Get Back Up. She experience the ultimate humiliation: prison, shame and disgrace and somehow, despite her past, she got back up after prison. 

The humiliation was a lesson and a gift, a gift she now shares with others. True leadership is the ability to face your fears, overcome the unimaginable and then make a difference with the lessons learned. This is dramatically demonstrated in her memoir of life behind the wires, The Slumber Party From Hell. 

Sue Ellen is a sought after speaker whose story and experience inspires diverse audiences from conferences to boardrooms to prisons. She was honored to be a guest of the First Lady in her box at President Obama's final State of the Union address as a representative of justice reform.

At the first ever White House hosted summit, The United State of Women, she was part of a panel on Second Chance Successes for Women and Girls in the Justice System. 

We all have the power to make a difference, despite and because of our stories. Everyone has a powerful story that can change lives, families, businesses, communities and the world. Understanding your story helps define the leader you become. Sue Ellen's audiences are empowered and inspired to examine and determine the leader inside. 

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