Partial Client List

ATHENA International 

American Legislative Exchange Council

Arizona State University, School of Law, College of 

Justice Studies, College of Criminal Justice

Arizona State University Entrepreneurs & Innovation 

AZ Women's Conference

Brandeis Authors' Series


Daughters of the American Revolution

Federal Bureau of Prisons


Job Corps

Junior League

Maricopa County Probation Officers

National Association of Women Business Owners 

National Association of Workforce Development

Operation Reform Summit


Pebble Creek Lecture Series (2 times)

POE International

Prescott Valley Leadership

TEDx Arrowhead Ranch

The National Press Club

Thunderbird School of Global Management

VA Hospital

United Methodist Church

United State of Women, White House Summit

University Career Women

University of California/Irvine

University of Phoenix Law

University of Arizona

Yavapai County Bar Association

​Zonta International AZ (3 times)

Upon her release in 2009, Sue Ellen co-founded Gina's Team, named for her prison cellmate who died in prison of medical neglect.  It is unique for a former inmate to want to or be allowed back inside the walls. Through collaboration with ATHENA International, using their very effective leadership model, her vision grew to a successful prison program helping women inmates become productive citizens, both inside and out. 

In 2016 she founded REinventing REentry, a nonprofit

focused on changing the culture of our Incarceration Nation. Our leadership must be redirected to reduce mass incarceration, both to save tax dollars and our own humanity.

Sue Ellen is a compelling and inspiring speaker, an example of turning tragedy into triumph. When your team hears and works with her, they will have the tools and motivation to turn their challenges into successes.

Prison is one of the toughest places on earth to practice leadership. Inmates are generally not allowed to start or teach programs. Sue Ellen learned the lay of the land. She learned that 50% of all inmates have less than an eighth grade education and one in fourteen children in America has or had a parent in prison. As a University of Texas/Austin graduate, Sue Ellen was an educator  with community experience; she learned how to use that experience to make a difference inside.

One of the most successful programs she was able to start inside was the annual Cancer Walk that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society. Others include a Gavel Club, a Cancer Support Group and a Life Skills course, all designed with the inmates' future in mind. 


by Sue Ellen

All this verbiage sounds lovely, but here's the straight skinny that you want to know about me:

1. I was born in 1945. Do the math.

2. I went to prison for securities fraud.

3. I normally weigh 148 lbs but it fluctuates. I have two sizes of jeans. Doesn't everyone?

4. I went to the University of Texas in the dark ages when it was only in Austin. 

5. I went to 16 schools on three continents; I've lived and worked in 21 countries. 

6. I Love To Read. 

7. I majored in English and French so it takes me forever to Tweet. I cannot write U for You.

8. There are 21 countries and two states where I can vote. I want to vote but I don't want to move.

9. I'm a widow and hate it. 

10. I've had women friends  break my heart and yet, I still think women are the most interesting, intelligent, thoughtful, curious, open, funny and fun, compassionate and kind people on the planet. No offense to the men I know They probably agree with me. 

For more straight skinny,

read my blog,

and my book,

The Slumber Party From Hell

I look forward to meeting you

at a speech, a workshop

or a reading. 

Sue Ellen Allen

Education, not incarceration, is the cheapest form of crime prevention. 

                                                                                          ​- Sue Ellen Allen

Sue Ellen Allen